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Born in 1981, he grew up in the messy, urban environment of The Hague in the the eighties and nineties. This edgy urban environment and the lively rock scene in town made a deep impression on him and it didn't take long before he fell in love with guitars, bands and rock concerts. Not getting the desired guitar lessons, he decided to become self-taught. This stubborn way of doing was to become his trademark style for the rest of his career.

After graduating high school, he started studying Earth Sciences in Utrecht where he indulged in Utrecht's rock and metal scene. It was here that he first became frontman of a metal band called Intrusion. Utrecht, and especially musician's lair dB's, bacame his Alma Mater.

A job as a geography teacher in the capital city took him to Amsterdam, where he became the guitarist of Black Sabbath tribute Sack Blabbath. With this band he has performed - and still performs - a lot, in places all over the country and even outside of it. His loose, improvising style fits the music of Sabbath perfectly and did receive a lot of praise at Sack Blabbath gigs.

In 2020, Wolter shows a different side of himself. The heavy, overdriven guitar music that has always been part of his sound was traded for soft, introspective, melancholic acoustic rock songs. 

With a real DIY ethic he worked on his solo debut: writing, arranging, recording, mixing, mastering, he did hid all himself. Whenever he didn't have the skills to do something, he could learn them, right?

The result is 'Fill the Cracks With Gold'; eleven acoustic songs that display a variety of influences. From the Grunge heroes of the nineties to older heroes such as Neil Young and Tom Petty and countless other artists; they all found their way into Wolter's music, which combines all those elements into a style quite of his own. With 'Fill the Cracks With Gold', Wolter is ready to become a successful solo artist. Now we only need the world to jump on board.

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